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What Do Chinese Moms Want For Mothers Day in 2020?

What Do Chinese Moms Want For Mothers Day in 2020?


First off, how do you say Happy Mothers Day in Chinese?

Hint: It's 母親節快樂!


In Mandarin: mu qin jie kuai le

In Cantonese: mou5 can1 zit3 faai3 lok6


So what do we get Chinese Moms for Mother's Day 2020? 

It's always hard to please Asian Moms. For inspiration, you can check out our Mother's Day Video!


Mother's Day Homemade Gift Reaction


Last year I wrote my mom a Chinese Mothers Day Card and she really liked it.

Writing a Mothers Day Card in Chinese is definitely challenging but she'll definitely love it!


If You Want to Buy Her a Gift

If you really want to get her something, check out the Mother's Day Gift we have on InBetween.

It's an Apron set for you and her which designates her as the head chef and you as the kid chef. It's a great gift to get her and you can cook together!

She'll never call your gift useless again haha


Check out the Mother's Day Gift we have on InBetween HERE.

Pictured Above - Mother's Day Apron Set!

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